Preservation Generation: A List of Young Preservationist Groups

A List of Young Preservationist Groups

Photo courtesy of David Torke, fixBuffalo.

Inclusive as they may be, established preservation organizations may not offer active events or workshops that interest young preservationists – or – organizations may face funding or personnel limitations that do not allow them to be as active as they would like to be. Forward thinking organizations in many cities have started to support local preservation activism by hosting Young Preservationists groups. Other groups have started organically from existing grassroots networks and a definitive need for preservation action.

While HISTPRES may be the online community for young preservationists, what are your local groups that host and support preservation in your communities? Register here to comment with your group below.

A list of Young Preservationist groups:

Did you know!?

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, riding the wave, err,that was Buffalo, so ski jump of momentum, of the Young Preservationists Rendevous at the National Preservation Conference, just launched a listserv for Young Preservationists nationwide. Subscribe by emailing, once subscribed, reach the whole group by emailing to This listserv will serve as a platform for sharing information about preservation issues or hot topics among colleagues and enthusiasts. The forum will be monitored by the Trust to ensure the conversations stay on topic. To get started, just email your message to the above listserv in order to reach young preservationists across the United States.

Meagan Baco, of HISTPRES and on behalf of Buffalo’s Young Preservationists, wants to sincerely thank and cheers Erika Brown, Andrew Gorman, and Rebecca Yarbrough, of the National Trust for all the preservation planning that went into the Young Preservationists Rendezvous! Also, co-sponsors of the event Pratt Historic Preservation Organization. Let’s do it all again in Spokane!

About the author: Meagan Baco

Meg is a preservation activist who works on-the-ground and online promoting grassroots projects nationwide and empowering active young professionals with resources lead their own initiatives and develop meaningful careers. Originally from Buffalo, she now advocates for federal preservation policies with Preservation Action. Meg goes analog as a painter, biker, and puzzler.


  1. meagan@histpres says:

    Just added the Historic Preservation Association at Southeast Missouri State University.

  2. meagan@histpres says:

    Adding a young preservationists group in Boston!

  3. meagan@histpres says:

    Young Advocates of Historic Charleston Foundation!

  4. Added Historic Preservation Graduate Organization at the University of Kentucky thanks to an email from a student there! Send your young preservationist group info to

  5. Just added Inherit Baton Rouge to the list! A sub-set of Foundation for Historical Louisiana. Thanks for the information, Libby!

  6. meagan@histpres says:

    Thanks for the info, Blair! We’ve added your group to the list.

  7. blair1817 says:

    Hey Guys! The University of Florida has a historic preservation organization that is really trying to be active in the community and also learn about our heritage outside of the classroom. Check out our facebook page and see what we are up to!!/groups/145676175470368/

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