Make Mobile: A Vehicle for Change…
…it Starts with Rehabbing an Airstream Trailer

The Airstream is iconic, interesting, and unique. When you see one coming towards you on the open road, you can’t take your eyes off the the silver bullet until it passes. For most of my teen years I knew I would be that person in the Airstream someday. Our someday came about two years ago when we found out about a thirty-two foot gem near our home in historic Chattanooga, TN.

A week later she was being towed into our backyard. Day after day as the sun shimmered off the shiny exterior we would think of creative uses for the Airstream. Then one day it hit us, and all at once we knew that we would turn the Airstream into a mobile make studio. It would be a place that people could come and create something with their own two hands.

Having lived in a place like Chattanooga with all the historic buildings, and preservation for all types of art and artists we knew we must be onto something and that our idea would be well received. But we also wanted to serve the populations that don’t often or who may never have made anything creative.

Our mission was to bring the transformative power of the arts to the people who need it most.

We sat on the idea for a while until something came along called The Power to Change contest by Strivectin, a popular skincare line. They are giving away $30,000 to someone with a powerful idea to help change and mold people’s lives for the better. This is exactly our mission, and we entered and much to our delight were picked as finalists along with 14 amazing other ideas. The grand prize winner will be able to take the funds to make their powerful idea come to life.

Please watch our video submission above and on the Strivectin site here. From right now until July 25th the voting is open. You can vote once a day for Make Mobile, our project. Vote here!

We feel like a vote for Make Mobile is a vote for creativity, passion, and the way that art can change and shape people’s lives for the better. We have seen it work time and time again.

Our goal is to start in the Southeast where we live and then hit the road and travel around the United States spreading our mission even further. You will know us when you see our silver trailer painted with bright colors spelling out the word MAKE or CHANGE traveling down your highway. Changing lives and making a difference is exactly what we want to do.

Ayesha Reynolds is co-owner of Homespun Parties + Events in the historic Warehouse Row in Chattanooga, TN. Just a reminder about Make Mobile…vote here!

About the author: Meagan Baco

Meg is a preservation activist who works on-the-ground and online promoting grassroots projects nationwide and empowering active young professionals with resources lead their own initiatives and develop meaningful careers. Originally from Buffalo, she now advocates for federal preservation policies with Preservation Action. Meg goes analog as a painter, biker, and puzzler.

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