HISTPRES is the online community for emerging preservation professionals. This is a market for your academic programs, your preservation events, + your preservation-related products.

Ideal for:

  1. Academic programs (degree programs, certificate programs)
  2. Preservation events (conferences, field schools + fundraisers)
  3. Products for preservation practitioners
  4. Resources (books, e-books, tools + more)
  5. Vintage + unique consumer goods

Site Statistics:

  1. Average of 10,000 unique monthly visitors
  2. Over 1,100 social media connections
  3. Over 3,000 opportunities posed since March 2010
  4. Excellent SEO + regular return visitors

Our site’s targeted audience represents emerging professionals in all fields related to historic preservation, including architecture, archaeology, history, museums, landscape architecture + urban planning.  These individuals are ambitious, intelligent, creative + interested in doing good for the world.

Ad Chart:

Ad Type Size in Pixels One Month Two Months Three Months*
Banner 486×60 $300 $600 $750
Full 300×250 $150 $300 $375
Slim 120×240 $75 $150 $185
Icon 125×125 $45 $90 $115

*The third month, and each consecutive month is offered at 1/2 cost.

Please contact Meagan at for questions about rates, to schedule your ad, or to ask any questions that you may have. If you do not have an ad, we will connect you with our preferred graphic designer.

Current Advertisers:
Historic District Council of New York City
Super Sweet Shirt Co.
_ART+DESIGN by Casey William Milbrand
Quilted by Anne

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