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If your goal is to hire an excellent new employee or engage active participants, Histpres is the best place to post your preservation-related opportunity.

The Perks of going Featured

All posts on Histpres are sortable through our Opportunity Filter, reach our engaged readers through the homepage, have thumbnail images, and are sharable through many social networks easily. Because we post so many opportunities, however, going Featured improves your visibility. Featured listings receive more attention, clicks, and thus applicants and participants.

A Featured post includes:

  • Large image in homepage slider, essentially the Histpres headline*
  • Listing will run with a large thumbnail image throughout the site
  • As well as being highlighted in purple
  • We will include your listing in all outreach; email newsletters and social media
  • As well as make personal suggestions to our network of colleagues
  • Provide you with statistics about your listings at the end of the run

All this for a very simple, easy, even-a-small-house-museum or grassroots-initiative can do it, flat rate of $80 – no matter the opportunity type or location, no matter the duration until your application deadline or date of event.

*There are a limited numbers of spots in the homepage slider. Your listing will appear first for at least one week, it will then become part of the cycle of deadlines for up to five weeks.

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Nicholas Redding, Executive Director
Historic Long Branch, Millwood, VA

“A listing on Histpres yields the best candidates for staffing my historic site. As the director, I need talented, dedicated, and trustworthy staff to work along side. I just brought a new staff member on, suffice it to say, she found it through Histpres.”

Patty Thompson, Executive Director
Lower Merion Conservancy, Gladwyne, PA

“Thanks for the data [on our employment listing]. That’s so helpful. I got 60 applicants and am working through the process now. Thanks for your help. Your site was perfect for us.”

Steve Swiat, Owner, Carpenter
Northwood Restoration, Buffalo, NY

“The individuals who applied all stressed the passion for historic architecture, which was what I was looking for – compared to what I usually find on other avenues such as Craigslist.”

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Our past clients know that Histpres is the best place to list your opportunities, and we hope that the easy, fair, flat rate, and excellent personal service makes it easy for you to work with us, too. Contact us today with questions, we’re happy to answer them.

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